Friday, November 13, 2015

 And sugar plums danced in their heads
 Nothing beats that excitment
 all sorts of goodness

 The wonderful snow
 Dads specialty Prime Rib

 The Aftermath
And of course Twister


 Talent shows
 Christmas Jammies
 Shepherds dinner
 By Candlight

The best part of this Christmas eve was the big beautiful snowflakes that came falling down by some wonderful Christmas Miracle. We had a white Christmas!

Christmas Eve Festivities

 The T-shirts
 Cousins and more cousins

 completly wiped out
Uncle Ben showing off

Cookies for Santa

Taeya put her heart and soul into making delicious cookie dough. Always a tasty tradition.

Christmas Sunday

One of  my favorite things of Christmas is dressing my beautiful family for Christmas Sunday!
I also love listening to the beautiful music they always put on.

The puzzle master

Always a good christmas activity is puzzling. Alayna had the most stamina for this particular puzzle.
Although everyone added alot of effort. It was Alayna who was the most dedicated.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015